What I am going to write will become an epic. Meditation is by principle very rational. We are often tired of doing the same mistakes all over again. Since our mind controls our thoughts and we want to have a control over the controller. How can we have control over mind when it itself is controlling us. Over thousands of years, people have tried to solve the mystery of this very existential question. And some learned people broke out of that vicious cycle by realizing that there is a pure, untouched higher level of observation power embedded into all human beings. That is called sub conscious. However paradoxical it may sound, the mind needs to be trained to not heed to itself and rather handle the keys to our sub conscious. It is a very tough process but gives us a bird's eye view of the inner workings of our mind.

Meditation is a way to get beyond our mind and get a handle to our subconscious mind. Meditation provides a under the hood version of the workings of our mind. This meta cognition helps us tremendously in conditioning our mind to whichever path you wish to pursue. The only way to get out of bad habits such as procrastination, addiction, negativity is to tap into the unattached, unwavering, ever-so-pure subconscious.

Aloha for now